Saturday, October 26, 2013

Documentary film about AYRTON SENNA

I saw a documentary film describing Ayrton Senna's dramatic life.

His passion touched me. I am about to cry at the climax.
He only concentrated on his driving, not money, politics.

Some bloggers felt uncomfortable since they did not agree with "FACTs" which is described in the film. They said that all mentions and interviews are based on the side of the main character, Senna. Alain Prost, another great driver in his ages, was shown as a political antagonist who used dirty means for winning. That is not fair.

Nevertheless I swear this film will make most of men moved, who are struggling in our real world. Anyone cannot deny his strong eagerness to be the best F1 driver.

And plus,
If stay with the ending title, we will admire his warm humanity shown even in the track.

The following link is the film, which is from BRAZIL but the link has no sub caption. I saw it on a Korean pay web-site providing VOD.

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